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Posted On August 24, 2010

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English IDP

(My self)

Hi! My name is Dong Ae Kim! I’m from Korea, but I was born and still live in Jakarta. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, which is one of  tropical countries in Asia. Now I am 14 years old. My birthday is 22nd of  March 1996. Right now I’m studying in Singapore International School for secondary two. By the way I want to talk about ‘My life’, ‘My hobby’, and ‘My Family’.

First  let me tell you  about ‘My life’. Ever since I was born,  I’ve been so fortunate. I was born in one of the hospitals  in Jakarta as the first child. I get a lot of love from my parents. Every improvement I made, delighted my parents. I spent my kindergarten in Jakarta too. Before I went to Korean Kindergarten, I entered English Kindergarten. Truly, the life when I was in Kindergarten was lively and full of  happiness. But it was absolutely changed when I entered elementary school. I always had to do homework and took a lot of assignments and  examinations. Those made me really tired. Indeed  to be  a student  has to be tired. Up to now which is in middle school, still I have to do a lot of work. My daily activity is only going to School and studying, going for lesson places and studying and comingback home and studying, over and over . But not only boring and stressful thing  happen in my life,   I can also enjoy myself as a student. I can play with my friends and talk about enjoyful things with them everyday. It’s really different different from adults who need to think about their family and work.  Moreover,  there is much special right for student. We can wear different  interesting fashion which isn’t  boring cloth  like adult wear. We, as a child, almost never think much for the cloth  we wear or money we have and other things that need in human life. Those are all provided by our parents. I think my life is really nice.  Eventhough  studying is kind of  boring , but I know that studying is my duty as a student.


secondly I want to talk about my hobby. I like to do a lot of things as my hobbies. Travelling is one of my hobbies. I have visited Bali, Lombok, Bandung, Yogya, Lampung and some parts of  cities in Indonesia. I also have visited Malaysia, Canada, Singapore and Korea which is my home country. From travelling, I get a lot of experiences and knowledge about different culture, custom, tradition, and food in different part of the world. Besides travelling I like reading. I like to read many kinds of book. For example comic books, novel, magazine etc… Trough reading I  get a lot of  information and knowledge in different kinds of subject. And reading comic book makes me feel happy and by the time I read this, I can enjoy myself. Reading helps me to get a lot of sources to write some essay in school. Reading helps me improve my life skills and point of view and way of life. Sometime I like to  play music instruments. I play piano and violin. Playing music and hearing music help me relax from tired and  tense.

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Lastly I want to talk about my family. My father is Young sang Kim. He is 48 years old and he is a business men. As a business man, he is very busy. He starts his day at 6 o’clock and finished at 9 o’clock. After his work is done, he always spends his time with us by helping and checking our homework or watching television with us. He also likes to talk about our day. I think he is very good and gentle father for us. My mother is Min Gyu Kim. She is 43 years old and she owns two companies right now. She is a business women, a mother and a wife in our family. I can imagine how busy she is. She has to wake us up every morning and prepares food and other things for the family. She also has to handle all the business matters by herself. Sometimes I feel sorry for her; she works so hard for her family. She is a good prayer. She always prays for us. Also she is  everything to me. She’s also the best friend in my life. I have two little brothers. They are Sang seop Kim and hyung Seop Kim. Sang seop is 11 years old and hyung seop is 8 years old. They go to different school from me which is my previous school ‘Jakarta International Korean School’. Even though they are naughty I care about them a lot. My Family loves each other so much and I think my family and my life is really wonderful!!


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